The Highest-Paying Engineering Jobs

On this page, we’ll take a look at a few of the most popular Engineering Professional Fields, but first, check out this video about the ten highest-paying engineering jobs: Computer Engineering Computer Engineers are the hottest job market trend, projected to be the fastest growing occupation over the next decade. Responsible for the design and […]

How Much Do Plastics Engineers Make?

Plastics engineers usually hold a bachelor’s, master’s degree or a postgraduate degree. Salaries for these professionals may be depending on their educational background, age, industry type, and location. This video explains more about the world of Plastic Engineering: The plastics industry is one of the largest and widest industries in the world. Since plastics can […]

Plastic Engineering

Plastics have been produced increasingly over the years. Polymers, or plastics, can be found in almost anything – from compact discs to high-tech space applications. Since the industry keeps growing, so does the number of people working in this field. In the following video fro the University of Wisconsin-Stout, graduates of the school’s Plastics Engineering […]

Plastic Engineering Education

Plastics play a large role in our world today. On a day to day basis, we deal with plastics in materials we choose, products we use and processes we go through to make things we need like food. Since it is so, it can be understood that there is a big demand in the industry […]

How to become a Plastic Engineer

Are you interested in becoming a plastics engineer? Find out what it will take to join the ranks of these professionals. The following video from Pittsburgh State University offers a pretty good idea of what an education in Plastic Engineering is all about: Plastics engineers are responsible for all of the plastic products and materials […]

Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering

Aerospace engineering is a field where knowledge and understanding of mathematics are very important. This field is made up of engineers who have specialized in one specific science to create a team of highly skilled experts. There are many different aspects to consider when a flight takes place, including temperature, pressure from the atmosphere, and […]

Parker Powers, Dallas Top 100 CEO

Parker Powers, Dallas Top 100 CEO, multiple time startup founder & RealCo Seed Fund Program Mentor, is a true mentor. Parker shares his invaluable guidance and support with budding entrepreneurs and seasoned startup veterans, whenever possible. I recently had the amazing opportunity to expand my network to include Parker.  Unlike any other connection I have made, Parker quickly […]

Matt Reedy, USAA Executive Director of Innovation

Matt Reedy is the USAA Executive Director of Innovation and an experienced entrepreneur, having successfully co-founded and developed multiple technology startups. His enduring passion for technology and entrepreneurship led him to earn his computer science degree at Trinity and MBA at St. Mary’s. Now, those same passions have culminated in his current success, mentor status, […]

Andrew Trickett, CEO MergeVR

I recently had the opportunity to speak with one of the RealCo Seed Fund Program Mentors and leading founders in San Antonio, Andrew Trickett from MergeVR. Andrew has been a driving force for tech in San Antonio and he and his co-founder, Franklin Lyons, have grown MergeVR into a shining star within the Virtual Reality space. What do you hope […]